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iCelsius 2.0 App

iCelsius 2.0 : FEATURES

·Live Display - shows useful temperature data in one shot
·Graphs - with pan and zoom touch support
·Alarms - Generate alarms when temperature goes outside configurable (lower and/or upper) limit
·Snapshot Record - Ability to record a single reading, along with title, picture and note
·Continuous Record - Ability to continuously record as well as to add notes, take a picture and drop a pin on the graph
·History - Access all your previous records
·Recipes - For cooking and barbecue, choose preset recipe or create your own

iCelsius 2.0 : ONE APP FOR ALL

iCelsius / iCelsius Wireless / iCelsius Bluetooth (coming soon)
·BBQ perfect for cooking
·PRO general purpose
·BT know your body temperature
·RH check Temperature / humidity
·IP1/IP2 inspect food quality