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iCelsius Wireless
iCelsius Wireless
Starting at 85.00 USD

The iCelsius is a temperature sensor that attaches to your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch dock connector and transform your device into a thermometer. - index.php

iCelsius - Thermometer/Sensor for the iPad / iPhone / iPod touch - index.php

Showing iCelsius Wireless available for USD85.00
iCelsius BT
Starting at 65.00 USD
Showing iCelsius BT available for USD65.00
iCelsius PRO
Starting at 39.00 USD
Showing iCelsius PRO available for USD39.00
iCelsius BBQ
Starting at 65.00 USD
Showing iCelsius BBQ available for USD65.00
iCelsius IP1
Starting at 55.00 USD
Showing iCelsius IP1 available for USD55.00
iCelsius IP2
Starting at 65.00 USD
Showing iCelsius IP2 available for USD65.00
iCelsius RH
Starting at 99.00 USD
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